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Securing approval for a solar energy project impacts both cost and time of installations for solar PV installers. Prior to installation, permit applications need to be submitted to the enforcing agency (AHJ) for approvals, in formats specified by the AHJ. These applications typically include site details, PV array layout drawings, electrical drawings and description of major components used in the installation.

We offer engineering services in support of the permitting process to help optimize cost and time to market for solar installers. Upon receiving site details from the installer, we provide ready to use application document packages (PDF format) for submission to the AHJ, in compliance with the governing standards for that area. The document packages are provided with quick turnaround, so that the PV installer does not lose time. Any changes following inspector review are accommodated in the basic charges, limiting cost overruns for the PV installer.

We have supplied permit packages today for installations in California and Texas, and will be expanding our services to other States.

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