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Nordic Asia - Electrical Control Panel Design Services

Nordic Asia is an ISO 9001 organizations with qualified engineers providing services in control panel design /solar PV plant design. Our approach in managing quality, delivery and costs made us the preferred partner for a large number of clients.

  • A single line diagram is one of the important documents in all types of an electrical system.
  • Our SLD will indicate all information related to feeder load, power components, door equipment, feeder descriptions, feeder tag number, and cable size of the feeder, bus bar rating and fault level details.
  • Our SLD will indicate line and bus PT, control transformer details.
  • The input required for preparing SLD drawing is customer BOQ, feeder list (if available).

  • Our Electrical Wiring diagram presentation is easily understandable and also accurate.
  • We will prepare any type of motor feeder's drawings such as DOL, Star-Delta, Soft starter, VFD, etc., conventional as well as intelligent motor control drawings.
  • We will furnish ACB, VCB power and control circuit diagram's including closing circuit, tripping circuit, indication circuit, Interlock between incomer's and bus coupler with auto change over the scheme, synchronizing scheme.
  • Our Electrical wiring diagram indicating ferrule numbers and page cross reference, legend details of the components designation.
  • Input required for preparing Wiring drawing is customer BOQ, SLD drawing, feeder list.

  • The bill of material is indicating a clear scope of supply.
  • Our BOM document will indicate complete descriptions, catalogue number, a component designation with respect to the scheme.
  • Our BOM is accurate with complete information. Ordering components is easy for the purchase department using our BOM.
  • To prepare complete details BOM we need final Wiring or Scheme drawing, and Make of component list.

  • We will prepare any type of switchboard and control panel GA diagram. Our GA diagram will indicate dimension, feeder location, door equipment details, foundation layout, shipping details, bus bar size details.
  • We will prepare the GA drawing considering the customer requirement, site space availability details, and bus duct location details.
  • We will be able to prepare GA drawing for any type of LV, MV switchboards such as PCC, MCC, PMCC, Distribution Panels, Lighting Panel, Emergency Panel, etc.,
  • The input required for preparing GA drawing is customer BOQ, feeder list, Tentative GA (if available).